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Christmas markets on the Southbank (at Southbank Christmas Market)

London morning fog



I’m wrapped on Thor: The Dark World! My BFI IMAX tickets are bought, RSVP made for the VFX wrap party, and a ‘congrats-pressie’ to me has been purchased (a Canon 5D iii). Now for a week of rest and chores and then a week of holiday in Dublin before…

Gotta love it when your twitter gets hacked. I never even use my twitter!


New ruck on the way.  Talk about packing light, 10L and fitting nicely between the shoulder blades.

This would be amazing as a camera pack! I hope they do a slick version as well



Gorgeous piece!



Digital Spy has a nice little countdown clock for those waiting on the Thor 2 trailer. 1 hour 20min left to go!

Hm.. they say 10 am ET, but the timer is set for 9am (which is what I read when the trailer would go up.) 10 must be a mistake on their part.

Hope 9am is correct and not 10 that’s too late for me! (and certainly not “early” per Agent M!) 

I’m really hoping for 9!  I’m finding it hard to drag myself away from my desk to grab lunch just in case I miss the launch and youTube crashes from all the fangirling ;)

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Armadale residence by Melbourne based interior design firm Hecker Guthrie.